Here's a preview of a shoot I did this week with the Peck family.  Brady, who is 17, bought and built this Jeep all on his own.  It's amazing.

  One of my favorite photoshoots yet.  More to come!


Here's a preview of some shots I did for this darling girl's birthday. She is such a doll and we had so much fun. 


My cousin got married over the summer, isn't she beautiful?  They are just the perfect couple!


This family does one year portraits of all their children. Such a great idea! 

Senior Pictures

Here's a peek at some of the shots from Marissa's senior portrait shoot!



I love trains. Always have. New trains, old trains, freight trains, passenger trains, toy get the idea.  I think it comes from my love for traveling, and there is something very poetic about trains for me. I wish I could ride one more often.


It's that time of year.  Where i feel wholly inadequate for not having more than an associates degree under my belt while friends are waving goodbye to their college years. One such beautiful friend is Becca Krahenbuhl, who is loved by both me and my camera.  She's gorgeous!